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Greetings! I am Ji-hoon Kim, a professor at Seoul National University Hospital, who is the 15th president of the Korean Neuroradiology Society from 2023 to 2025.

The Korean Neuroradiology Society is a professional society that diagnoses and performs interventional treatment based on imaging, such as X-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI, for diseases of the brain, head and neck, spine and spinal cord. It was established in 1980 as the CT Research Association and has a long history and excellent tradition.

Since its foundation, it has been leading the development of neuroradiology in the fields of research, education, and clinical practice, not only in Korea but also internationally, based on the active participation of the former presidents, executives, and members. In particular, it has raised its international status by successfully hosting the AOCNR in 2021, even in the unprecedented pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Contrary to initial expectations, the long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic situation has caused major problems in communication between members in the operation of the untact society. At the same time, it also presented us with the great advantage of online meetings, which are easy to access.

As the 15th term of the Korean Society of Neuroradiology’s executive committee now assumes the responsibility of operating in the WITH or POST COVID-19 era,

First, we will strive to harmoniously activate both online and offline meetings to encourage broader member participation.

Second, we will clearly define the duties of the board members, which have been interrupted in the middle and have not been handed over well, and establish a system to ensure their continuity. We will make sure that the activities of the executive committee are visible to the members and that we inform them of the activities.

Third, we will strive to ensure that all areas of our society, such as academic, educational, and clinical activities, are not neglected.

Fourth, we will encourage research that can improve the contribution of our members in the clinical field at the society level.

Fifth, we will work harder to improve the welfare and unity of our members, and think about the long-term vision and milestones of the Shin Younghui.

Members, please give us your attention and many requests.

In a harsh environment, such as excessive workload, artificial intelligence and other doctors who frantically cross our own territory in reading and research, we will not be able to do everything just because it is necessary, planned, and therefore tried.

However, the 15th executive committee will work hard to realize the feasible things one by one, while thinking hard and discussing all the current issues required by the members.

We will strive to find the right alternatives for the issues that are not possible at the moment, and at the same time, we will set them as long-term tasks and proceed them.

Thank you.

Kim Ji-hoon, President of the 15th Korean Neuroradiology Society